centrifugal specialties X-6 Gear Drives

The X-6, our original, compact gear drive for centriifugal superchargers, is best suited for applications up to 1600hp. This unit is available with a wide variety of options, for several different engine platforms.

Our original crank drive unit, the X-6 has found its way onto a number of record-setting and race winning combinations. The X-6 is very popular with Ultra Street racers but has also found itself at home on many other street/strip and race-only applications for heads-up and bracket racing. This drive utilizes readily availlable Winters Performance "Midget" 6-spline gearsets, and ratios up to 2.10:1 are available.



With its all-billet case, supercharger adapter and block adapter construction, this drive is built to with stand heavy use at the track or the street. For applications running over 1200hp, we recommend fitting the X-6 with our severe duty 300M input shaft.

For those wanting to run accesories such as fuel pumps, vacuum pumps, etc. the 300M input shaft can be fitted with one of our hubs featuring an integrated 22t 8mm cog drive. This 1" wide 8mm drive can be used to run a pair of 1/2" wide belts, or a single 1" wide belt if needed. These drives are intended for use with dampers having a 6-bolt, 3.20" pattern (BB Chevy), though adapters are available to permit use if a SB Ford 4-bolt damper. We recommend and sell Innovators West 6-bolt dampers for SB, BB LS Chevy applications as well as for SB/Windsor Ford applications.

We stock supercharger adapters for ProCharger F-1 and F-2 superchargers as well as Vortech V-20 and V-30 superchargers. These drives may be adapted to many different engine platforms including: SB Chevrolet, BB Chevrolet, Ford SB/Windsor, GM LS (stock, DART, GMPP/LSX, Noonan, RHS blocks), Ford Coyote and others. Drive Prices start at $2619 for a complete package including drive, block and supercharger adapters, hubs, etc. See below for more details.

Standard Features

  • 36 gear ratios available - 1.00:1 thru 2.1:1
  • Standard unit is optimized for use with smaller blowers (F-1X and smaller), upgrades available to larger blowers
  • Available for SB/Windsor, LS1, SB and BB Chevy (6 pin 3.20" balancer hub is standard, 4-bolt SB Ford damper requires adapter)
  • Utilizes industry standard urethane bushing couplers
  • ProCharger F-1/F-2 series supercharger kits available
  • Vortech V20/V-30 series kits available
  • Kit includes nuts bolts, spacers, bearings, seals, etc.
  • Pocket milled billet aluminum case eliminates weight in low stress areas
  • High strength, heat treated steel shafts
  • Bearings, seals, etc. are readily available off-the-shelf (rebuildable by end-user)
  • Developed by an Engineer with years of Supercharger and Gear drive design experience

Contact us today at sales@mtpturbo.com to obtain a quote on an X-6 system for your supercharged applicaiton.


X-6 options - (not included with base kit), contact MTP for more information

Innovators West damper (many options available)

Alternator mount kit

6-rib accessory drive

standard weight gearset

lightweight gearset

block adapters for stock LS, LS-Next and other blocks without passenger's side mounting provisions on block

spare urethane drive bushings

300M Input shaft (usable with standard or cog accessory hub)

8mm cog accessory drive (22t 8mm radius tooth, integrated in drive input shaft)

8mm cog fuel pump belt/pulley kit (8mm radius tooth pulley and belt)


X-6 Gear Drive Systems (includes drive hubs and adapters for supercharger and block )
X-6 Gear drive kit - Big Block Chevy, for F-1/F-2
X-6 Gear drive kit - Chevy LSX, for F-1/F-2
X-6 Gear drive kit - SmallBlock Chevy, for F-1/F-2
X-6 Gear drive kit - Small Block Ford, for F-1/F-2
X-6 Gear drive kit - Ford Coyote, for F-1/F-2 (includes motorplate drive mount)
X-6 optional components
Standard X-6 Gearset (see available ratios here)
Lightweight X-6 Gearset (see available ratios here)
6-rib drive hub upgrade (for alternator, vacuum pump, etc.)
Alternator bracket set (use w/ above 6-rib upgrade, for Delco CS121 2-bolt alternator)
Spare/replacement drive bushings (6 piece minimum order)
Upgrade to 300M input shaft (recommended for applications exceeding 1500hp)
Upgrade to 300M input shaft w/ 8mm cog accessory drive (for fuel/oil pump drive, 1" wide)
Other gear drive applications and options may be available, please contact our sales staff at sales@mtpturbo.com for more info.