Formed in 2022, by Harry Hruska (who founded Precision Turbo and Engine in 1987), the HPT brand is quickly becoming one of the hottest manufacturers of high performance, aftermarket turbochargers. Over the years, Harry has and his team have designed, tested, and manufactured record-setting and championship winning turbochargers for a wide range of racing organizations. Putting those decades of knowledge to work, the HPT brand offers many innovations that improve upon the older designs found elsewhere in the market. With many models available, we're ready to assist you in selecting the best model for your application. Contact us today at for more information

Click here to learn more about the HPT "F" series turbochargers:

Click here to see a pricesheet for currently available HPT turbocharger models: HPT January 2023 Pricesheet


In addition to HPT turbochargers, we're also proud to offer AFIS fuel injectors, another great product from Harry and his team. These injectors are available in many sizes from 250 lb/hr to 800 lb/hr and offer these high flows at standard rating pressures.



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