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Click here to view current FAST XFI and EZ EFI pricing and additional product information at our EFI supermarket,

For many years FAST EFI systems have been a favorite of heads up racers across the USA, Midwest Turbo and Performance is proud to have the FAST XFI line as part of our product offering. The FAST XFI system precisely balances fuel, air and spark. Plus, it allows you to fine-tune like never before. The XFI system comes with easy-to-navigate software that is completely configurable and allows you to set the priorities. With 400% faster processing, no more flat spots in the power curve or settling for "close enough." XFI features revolutionary Qwik Tune technology that lets you preprogram up to four different EFI profiles. Then - with the flick of an in-car switch - you select the power characteristics you need! Additionally, a surface-mounted computer board and billet ECU enclosure give the XFI superior durability in even extreme performance applications. Whether you are a novice tuner or a seasoned pro, the FAST XFI's unrivaled power, ease of use, and industry-leading technical support make it an unbeatable choice for your next high-performance EFI engine project. XFI is compatible with all common ignition types, including GM HEI, LT1, LS1, -2, -6, DIS, Ford EDIS (4.6L & 5.4L), and Dodge 5.7L Hemi applications. With the broad variety of options available, we suggest that you visit our EFI specialty site: or contact us for a quote on an XFI system custom configured for your application. Base system prices begin at $1546.83.

FAST Ready-To-Run XFI Fuel Injection Systems

Turn-key kits include everything needed to convert popular Chevy & Ford engines to EFI FAST, introduces their "truly complete" electronic fuel injection (EFI) kits. They have included every single component needed to install fully sequential EFI on Small and Big Block Chevy and Small Block Ford engines from mild street rods to 1,000 hp all-out race cars. The new XFI Fuel Injection Kits include the highest quality, carefully-matched components, starting with a powerful, user friendly, fuel injection control unit - the FAST XFI. Another key component included is the FAST Dual-Sync Distributor. These new distributors allow fully sequential operation, yielding better performance, improved idle quality and more precise tuning as compared to old technology bank-to-bank systems. The kits also include a single plane aluminum intake manifold, Big Mouth 4-Barrel Throttle Body, Precision-Flow Fuel Injectors to suit kit horsepower rating, aluminum fuel rails, fuel pump kit, all necessary sensors and professional quality wiring harnesses with labeled connectors. As an added bonus, FAST has taken the extra step to ease installation and tuning difficulty by including its highly-regarded, 2 hour XFI Installation & Tuning DVD. Throw in the fact that this product, like every FAST product, is backed by the industry's finest tech support and it's easy to see how FAST takes the fear and intimidation out of installing that high performance EFI system that you've always wanted. Choose your kit based on how much horsepower you need the system to support.

Features & Benefits: FAST Ready-To-Run kits include everything needed to convert carbureted Small & Big Block Chevys and Small Block Fords to sequential EFI
Includes: XFI Fuel Injection System, aluminum intake, throttle body, fuel injectors, fuel rails, fuel pump kit, Dual-Sync Distributor, sensors, wiring harnesses, installation & tuning DVD.
Ready-To-Run 550 and 1000hp systems include carefully selected & matched components remove guesswork while ensuring maximum performance.

EZ-EFI Self Tuning Electronic Fuel Injection

For years racers have known that FAST fuel injection systems are an excellent choice for their high revving, nitrous oxide, supercharger and turbocharger equipped rides. The FAST classic and XFI systems have also found their way onto many street machines. Though these systems served their users well, the Engineering team at FAST saw that many didn't have a need for the advanced functionality of the XFI systems, nor did they want to undergo a more lengthy install which may require them to replace their intake manifold and ignition systems.

Many prospective user's reasons for making the switch to EFI are the result of a desire to get the throttle response, mileage and power benefits that result from the ability to maintain the precise air to fuel ratios an electronic fuel injection system is able to deliver. In addition to delivering the aforementioned benefits, the FAST EZ-EFI systems also put an end to changing jets every time the weather and/or altitude changes.

While other self tuning systems employ 20 year old OEM technology ECU's, awkward, costly and fragile mass air sensors, and narrow band O2 sensors (great for mileage, but not helpful for tuning for power), the FAST EZ-EFI offers dyno proven performance that may only be obtained from a wideband O2 equipped, speed density EFI system. Only the EZ-EFI system is worthy to wear the FAST brand name. In addition to its technical advantages, all FAST efi products are backed by the resources of the COMP performance group. If you were ever to have a question about, or problem with an EZ EFI product you can be assured that you will receive the service and support you need.

Click here to view current FAST XFI and EZ EFI pricing and additional product information at our EFI supermarket,

Click here to download a pdf of the latest FAST XFI product catalog