Midwest Turbo & Performance offers a broad range of support options for forced induction applications. We're the manufacturer of Centrifugal Specialties supercharger crank drives for ProCharger and Vortech applications and we're also a reseller of many brands of superchargers, engine management systems, fuel systems, engine parts and more. Whether you only need a few parts for your setup, or a complete, tuned blower or turbo engine package, we're able to assist you.
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gear/crank drives

x-6, x-10 and others

Choose from our original, compact X-6 crank drive or the larger X-10 for more extreme applications. Centrifugal Specialties supercharger drives are avaialable for a wide variety of applications from moderate to extreme!

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procharger, vortech and more

We've been in the supercharger business for over two decades, if you are looking for a supercharger, you came to the right place. Contact us today for competitive pricing and assistance in choosing the right supercharger for your application

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engine management - EFISUPPLY.COM

fast, holley, bigstuff and more

We've also got decades of experience with Electronic Fuel injection and have a large catalog of tunes for various engine management platforms. Contact us today if you're looking for asssitance with your supercharged, turbocharged or Naturally aspirated EFI setup

Got questions? We're here to help

Making power has never been easier, but at the same time more difficult. Technology is great for those who know how to harness it but intimidating for the uninitiated. Contact us today if you're looking for something blower, turbo or engine management related that you don't see here on the site, chances are we can get something for you at a fair price.